Five Treasures of the Qadri Silsila

All praises are due to Almighty Allah who made the hearts of Muslims a wealth of Divine secrets. Blessings (Durood) and Salaam (greetings) be upon the Prophet of Allah, our Master, Muhammad Mustafa (Allah bless him and give him peace) who has knowledge of the unseen through the gift of Allah and who is the owner of Allah’s creation. May Durood and Salaam be on his descendants and companions as they are the bright stars of this universe.

I, Sayyid Khwaja Sultan Muhammad (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) of Jalesar, hereby declare that I studied Huzoor Ghaus-ul-Azam Qutbe Rabbani Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani’s (Radiallahu Ta’ala Anh) “Futuh al-Ghayb” and a few salient points and sayings stood out clearly in my mind. I recorded them in Persian poetry. When I studied these poems carefully, I found a hidden wealth of deep meanings and I regard them as eternal treasures.

I assembled these five poems and named them “The Five Treasures of the Secrets of the Qadiri Order”. Every disciple (Mureed) who has the correct Aqeeda (beliefs) will use every effort to safeguard these five treasures using them to achieve the love and knowledge (Ma’rifat) of Almighty Allah to attain freedom in both worlds.

Those who possess these Five Treasures, Allah willing, will be regarded as fortunate in the saintly office of Shariah. Almighty Allah will reward those who strongly adhere to these Five Treasures.

It was in the year 1117 AH that I was bestowed with the Five Treasures and I revealed them during the rule of Emperor Aurangzeb.

This world and its lovers, and inward feelings are all strong currents and veils. Pass these curtains and you will be a true Sufi; once you are a true Sufi, your heart will be free of external lusts. Your heart will be transposed into a mirror that will portray Allah. When you travel with the love of Allah on the Path of Allah, then you will not notice anyone besides Allah. If not, you are a victim of self-worship and will cause great trouble.

Treasure Number 1

  1. Do not take false oaths.
  2. Do not lie.
  3. Do not fail to fulfill a promise.
  4. Do not curse or reprove without reasons.
  5. Stop disobeying Allah.
  6. Do not remind anyone of your favours.
  7. Do not have greed and do not covet.
    Do not unnecessarily call anyone who faces the Qibla a Kaafir if he does not deny the necessities of religion.
  8. Be hospitable if you are good-natured.

Treasure Number 2

  1.  Accept that everything is from Allah and be happy with His decisions whether you gain any benefit or not.
  2. Do not do anything that has been directed by internal lusts.
  3. Obey Allah’s commandments and remain aloof from the forbidden.
  4. Do not be obsessed with your own interest and keep in mind the Will of Allah.
  5. Have confidence in Allah in everything you do.

Treasure Number 3

  1. Undergo the strains of hunger.
  2. Do not overfeed yourself.
  3. Do not spend nights in continuous sleep and days in negligence.
  4. Employ your heart in the remembrance (Zikr) of Allah and worship Allah according to the Sunnah of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam).
  5. Do not be concerned about what worldly people accept or reject.
  6. Hand yourself over to Allah and be satisfied with your destiny.
  7. Do not be jealous and have no malice or enmity without any religious reason.
  8. Be free of internal feelings.
  9. Do not have any ambition contrary to the happiness of Allah.
  10. Spend in the path of Allah and for the love of Allah.

Treasure Number 4

  1. Imagine and believe that you are before the all-knowing Allah, and that you and your actions have no special importance.
  2. All that exist come from Allah: your equality is mere nullity.
  3. Think that all good deeds that you do are through the Taufeeq of  Allah and all evil deeds are the results of self-motivated action.
  4. Firmly believe that everything happens according to the Will of Allah and according to Fate.
  5. Do not consider yourself to be possessed with any human power except that granted by Allah.
  6. Believe that every person in indebted to Allah according to his capacity.
  7. If Shari’ah accepts something then believe that it is in accordance with the Will of Allah.
  8. Do not even think of anything that is contrary to the Will of Allah.
  9. Seek solitude and quietness.
  10. Reduce your sleep.
  11. Have dealings with Allah and not with worldly people, because He has invited you to His Kingdom of Mercy.

Treasure Number 5

  1. Do not associate yourself with wealthy people who are inclined towards sin or else you will also be among the greedy and those who have forgotten Allah.
  2. Forget greediness and no not go to the door of the oppressor.
  3. Do not let the greed of this perishing world uproot your religion.